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We believe data is the soul of business transformation. We help you transform it from simply information to extraordinary innovation. It’s the only cloud dedicated to data management.

Setu is a connector that imports your products from an e-commerce website and imports them into NetSuite and sends it to the ship station deliverr. Setu connects to your e-commerce site, receives orders, modifies products and ships them out. Setu bridges the gap between your e-commerce website and NetSuite.

Thousands of  companies rely on SETU to connect applications and automate their business. We increase efficiency and productivity so your business can deliver success now.

A new way to manage your work

Every Organization has its own needs, timings, so flexibility is the key. Our team of experts write down the whole workflow, lay down the process to address any challenge & foresee the future requirements. The key to any organization is the time, and in most organizations, data is the first thing that slows down workflow. You need to be able to manage multiple tasks in your work at any given time of the day with precision

Customized Solution & Scripting to ensure smooth Transition

Weather it’s an Shopify, wordpress or any e-commerce platform our customized solution will provide hassle free integration, let it be orders, customers or vendors. We are an one stop solution partner for all your e-commerce and web development needs. Whether it’s an existing application or a new one we will provide you with customized solution and scripting to ensure smooth transition between the systems.

Before & After Support

We understand how difficult it can get to transit all your processes so our team of experts are available 24 by 7 to ensure smooth transition & knowledge transfer for maximum business output.

Transitioning to a new cloud is a complex process which requires a different set of skills and expertise than an on-premise deployment. At Ahead, we have experts on our team that have years of experience working with businesses in transitioning their infrastructure to the cloud. Our goal is to understand your existing environment and then transition your processes accurately so that you can focus on your business rather than IT.

Start planning today

Planning is the essential component of any business, we work along with all your team members to understand the needs & processes to ensure the whole integration becomes easy & smooth. The first step to a successful event is planning, we will guide you through the entire event planning process & together we can plan and implement a tailor made program for our clients. From concept to execution, we are experts in managing large scale events.

Business automation platform development workspace

Through a powerful yet approachable user experience, and by leveraging AI, SETU allows IT and non-IT users to build custom integrations, mappings, and embedded business logic to automate and optimize any business process. An intelligent and intuitive user experience allows users to build integrations, mappings, and embedded business logic from within SETU. This enables IT and non-IT users to automate any process in record time.

Industry’s only prebuilt business process automations with embedded business logic

Powered by our unique Integration Application Framework, only SETU delivers managed prebuilt integration applications that include embedded business logic to automate up to 100% of a business process.

Self-service platform with enterprise-grade governance and scalability

The SETU Platform allows IT to enable business teams to build, manage, and monitor the business process they own while ensuring unified best practices, data security and scalability to meet the needs of the business today and in the future.

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