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What is PPC (Pay Per Click)?

Pay Per Click or PPC is an online advertising model in which you display the ads for your products and services on Google. When people search online for services, products with some specific keywords, then the ads related to that keywords shows up. You are only charged when a user clicks on your ads that your are showing. Normal SEO to bring organic traffic takes time to bring your website on top because there are various factors and algorithms which need to done for SEO. With PPC you can show your ads on top by bidding on specific keywords related to your services, products. It is all chargeable basis.

How Oris America help to start Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

Oris America is a professional company for PPC campaign, creation and management. Our campaign creation starts with a market analysis, which includes, keyword analysis, competitor analysis, and search volumes.

Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis and Strategy

As keywords are the main part of PPC and SEO, so we deep dive into the same to bring out the excellent keywords that are actually required for your business. We use industry-leading tools to discover the keywords and about your customer’s online activities and interests. We work on Competitors and find out what they are doing and delivering. We make strategy accordingly to setup the campaign. As the products, services and requirements are different for every individual or company so we work closely with our clients to ensure to reach the set goals.

Campaign Setup and Management

Keywords and Ad Groups Creation

We deeply understand the requirement of our clients to give the best results. After properly understand, we use the best tools available to find out which keywords will perform the best for your campaign. Basis on keyword analysis we setup campaign ad groups. We keep on monitoring the performance and keep on updating the parameters which are doing well for the campaigns or ads.

Ads Monitoring and Development

We work on those keywords which are best for your services or products and build you the best search ads possible. We use industry best practices and features including sitelinks, call extensions, callouts, and more. Our continues monitoring gives you the excellent results.

Optimizing Landing Pages and Bid

Optimization of landing pages is very important. We properly check the landing pages, its content Call out extensions, images and descriptions, and basis on that we give you the feedback on the structure and where improvement is required. Excellent landing pages bring great results. We work on biding strategy to bring the best results with low CPC (Cost-Per-Click).

Campaign & Ads Management and Reporting

Proper Campaign and Ads management is very important get the best results. We continuously monitor the performance of the campaing and Ad groups. We look for bidding, which keywords and Ads are performing well, any negative keywords hitting our website and wasting the money. We keep on adding negative keywords, and landing page optimization and recommendations to improve quality score. Whether your conversion is a purchase, a lead generation form, or a PDF download, we can track, report on, and optimize the campaign to deliver on those objectives. We provide monthly reports including valuable campaign metrics and results. We will let you know which adgroups, ads, and keywords are performing the best, and what we are doing to deliver the most conversions. Oris America is a professional company providing Google Adwords Services in California, USA. We’ve been in business for so many years. We can help you get better results with less money and drive more clients to your site.
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