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Oris Technology Group delivers IT management,Development strategy, support, and services in order to create a total IT solution and networking needs based in New York and Los Angeles. We provide: IT development, support and services that includes enterprise network configuration and management, IT project management and leadership, IT consulting, hardware sales & service, help desk & onsite support, and IT staffing. Our Live Help Desk is available 24x7x365, enabling our certified engineers to take care of the health of your network around the clock. Our team will design solutions specific to your business needs. Our mission is to help you efficiently and effectively manage your technology so that you obtain the greatest ROI.
When you entitle us your project to get our services you can expect:

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    Effective for small business automation which are web app or mobile app related
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    Robust development idea focused by our expertise in USA & INDIA.
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    Timely completion of project as decided
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    Competitive prices
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    Experienced team of developers working on projects.

Now we’ve extended our infrastructure and expertise to provide Managed services like remote monitoring and management.

So we began to address needs of our customers by signing them up to our Kaseya Managed Service program and helping them become more productive and profitable organizations.

Our Goal


Our goal is really to give back to the IT community that has employed us so well for so many years, and help smaller IT support businesses become bigger ones. We look forward to earning your trust and business.

Why Us?

Why OrisApps for Web & Mobile Apps Development?

We are leaders in the Web & Mobile Application Development field for a number of important reasons. Some of the many reasons that you should choose OrisApps include:


Experience with Credibility

Persisting in the market for so many years, we have developed a credible repo amongst the market facilitators. Our skilled professional has on hand experience of mobile and web development for more than half a decade.


Operational Expertise and Quality

Our team members have the experiences and technical expertise to exceed all of your expectations. The systemic approach of our team members helps them to assess, identify and solve any technological issues your company has, all while adhering to your business values.


Cost Effectiveness

We provide the highest quality mobile app development services at affordable prices. We are always one step ahead, making plans for the future with the help of the latest technology. This saves you money in the short and long term.



Your business is safe and secure with our expert technicians. We provide our high level IT services with absolute confidence, protecting your important data and your business.

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